Benefits of Anavar for Bodybuilding Usage

Within the framework of one article, it is simply impossible to list all the benefits of anavar. “Outside” remain various incomprehensible options for my combination of deca + oxandrolone. I also did not go into concrete examples of precompetitive drying with the use of various fat burners and stimulants, since this is already a topic of a separate article.

If the application of the solo anavar steroid is simple and uncomplicated, then combining it with other AAS and the organization of the course for the majority of beginning chemists is a very difficult task, so I will examine this issue in more detail and give examples of specific steroid courses.

Benefits of Anavar for Young Athletes

benefits of anavar

1. Main anavar benefits for young athletes. A first acquaintance with chemistry is not suitable for long courses for up to six weeks at a daily dosage of 40 mg. With such weak pharmacological support, we achieve a small increase in muscle mass and improve speed-strength indicators with the complete absence of side effects, which is very important for beginners.

2. And here already for the second pharmacological experience the classic combination of androgen plus anabolics is good. Oxandrolone at 40 mg per day + 50 mg – 100 mg of testosterone propionate every other day. Duration from 6 to 8 weeks. Using small dosages and short preparations immediately after the course, we will have average results with a minimum of side effects and a minimum of recoil.

3. Course for paranoiacs. 8 weeks of taking 40 mg of anavar per day and 30 mg of stanozolol. This combination is well suited for those athletes who are afraid of panic penetration of a sharp metal needle into their breasts, but they want to progress.

4. Anavar is not a drug for ascetics who prefer a deck. It is a steroid for those who are in an endless search for something exotic and unusual. A six-week course with 40mg per day + 100mg of masteron every other day will provide the most demanding pharmacological consumer with the best impressions and superfine muscle mass.

5. Course for a sophisticated chemist. I think the ideal course is a trio with the mandatory participation of oxandrolone and two more drugs – propionate and winstrol. Anavar 50 mg per day + testosterone propionate 400 – 500 mg per week + 50 mg winstrol every day. This combination demonstrates a genuine symbiosis between the drug and the athlete.

6. Option for increasing the maximum amount of quality muscle. Anavar 50 mg per day + testosterone propionate 400 – 500 mg per week + 300 to 400 mg of trenbolone acetate per week. Terms of the course are from 6 to 8 weeks. The growth of muscle mass and the design of the body will be visible in the mirror literally every day.

7. Course 6 – 8 weeks. 400mg – 600mg primobolan per week + 50mg of oxandrolone per day. The combination of the two safest and most insanely expensive drugs will go to the heart of athletes who cherish their health and do not skimp on it. This combination of drugs will provide a small increase in weight and strength, as well as give a good recovery after heavy training and will support the body on a tight diet.

8. The course for 10 to 12 weeks. The first 8 – 10 weeks: boldenone 800mg per week + testosterone cypionate 500mg per week + anavar steroid 50mg per day. The last 2 weeks of the course: test propionate 100mg every other day + 50mg winstrol per day. This mass-mobile version is suitable for those who are just beginning their acquaintance with long ethers and want to achieve a good testosterone cypionate and anavar cycle results with almost no risk of getting side effects. Order anavar online right now and get 5% discount!