Anavar Results for Bodybuilding

Before and After Anavar Results for Bodybuilding

In this article we will talk about before and after anavar results. Due to its low androgenic effect, it is often used in training courses for women.
This drug affects women in this way:

  • Increased bumpiness and hardness of muscles;
  • Burning fat;
  • Increased level of somatotropin;
  • Increased strength.

Since the main purpose and effect of the drug is to increase muscle relief, there is no point in using it to build muscle. Anavar is usually prescribed to women who already have enough muscle and normal amount of subcutaneous fat to bring the body into the desired shape during the course of treatment (relief, dryness, water quantity, etc.). Buy anavar at our web shop and get 5% discount!

Anavar Results for Men and Women

Before and After Anavar Results

Women can also use this drug because it does not cause virilization if you do everything prudently. It is relatively safe, because in some cases it is prescribed to children for medical purposes.

Such negative effects as: acne, breaking and loss of voice, hypertension of the clitoris and hair loss in practice were often seen due to excess dosage of more than 6 tablets per day. So read more about before and after anavar results for women to avoid negative side effects!

Regarding the number of doses of anavar for women, the intake of no more than 30 mg of the substance per day is best. But, according to many, this is too much, because even the use of 15-20 mg brings impressive results to women. With such moderate dosages, masculinization does not occur, nor does virilization.

In the United States of America, the popularity of this anabolic among the fair sex is much higher, most likely because of its availability, so athletes consider it to be the main tool for everyday use. In the post-Soviet world, this is not quite so, firstly because of the impressive cost of this substance, and secondly, the lack of information about anavar.

For beginners, we recommend that you do a trial course between the periods and feel how the body reacts to such experiments. The dosage should be 10 mg of substance per day.

Women who used this steroid most often noticed that they did not have any obvious effects of anavar. But since this drug irritates mucous a little, there was sometimes a slight heartburn, which was eliminated by taking the dose after eating and drinking plenty of water. There have been cases of increased moisture of the vagina and excessive sweating.

But, nevertheless, all these insignificant disadvantages overlap with weighty pluses – from such an easy course for women engaged in fitness – the figure’s relief becomes more clear.

Anavar: Before and After Cycle

Anavar Results

There is excellent news that specialists have concluded that fat cells destroyed under the influence of anavar do not return when the drug is withdrawn. The study involved a group of men and women who were under the supervision of scientists for three months.
The results of anavar cycle showed:

  • Decrease in the amount of adipose tissue by 25% in men and by 20% in women on average;
  • Increasing the amount of muscle mass (but, unfortunately, with the abolition of the steroid, this effect is not preserved);
  • The main areas of the body that lost excess fat were the abdomen, hips and legs as a whole;
  • The most striking results were recorded during the first month of admission, from which it was concluded that the drug should be taken for a short time (6-8 weeks).

Now you know a lot about before and after anavar results so take it careful and effective!